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1 Jun

It all started with an Angel Wing …

I love how a candle completely transforms any place into the coziest home. I love all candles indeed but just like I do with red wine, I don’t cheat on my favorite Merlot or scents. For years I’ve been buying the same Pomegranate Noir candle and at the same time I’ve been searching for the perfect Orange Blossom scent since The Webster stopped their candle collection. Anyways, here on It Girl, Marie-Chantal needs no introduction and this I say it with all my heart, her candle collection is definitely the best of all. After all, I guess a true Queen knows how to set the perfect mood for any type of palace in the world XOXO💋

They say that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. I was lucky enough to find an Upper East Sider friend who kindly checked in her suitcase, the Angel candle on her way to Mexico. And my God, since I smelled the box, which is divine like any other Marie-Chantal London gift, I fell in love with it. Now Marie-Chantal is debuting a three piece collection: Angel, Love & Peace. For me the Angel scent will always be that moment of joy everyday.

I received my first Angel candle a month ago and even though I light it up everyday, I believe I still have two more weeks left with it. I was lucky enough to visit Marie-Chantal in her showroom this Spring and had the honor of smelling both Love & Peace. Love for me is Louis XVI, roses, champagne and decadent nests, while Peace is definitely for the young, the ones who see beauty in nature. While listening carefully to Marie-Chantal in how she got inspired to create her candle collection, I noticed that she loves all three scents. In my own personal case, I’m staying forever with Angel, no more Pomegranate Noir for me.

You can now shop the complete collection online, sadly for me I couldn’t check my second Angel candle on my way back to Mexico, but I guess now I have a good reason to go back to the city where all dreams come true XOXO💋