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Indré Rockefeller

10 Years ago when I started writing about the most stylish women in Mexico I was definitely inspired by my all time favorite fictional writer: Carrie Bradshaw. She certainly made the Hangisi satin pump from Manolo Blahnik an iconic jewel to wear only on the feet, she showed us the importance of relationships but mostly she empowered a whole generation of women to dress up no matter where or when by trusting their guts and instincts. A decade has passed and now It Girl as a source into style, fashion and beauty faces new challenges, mainly the evolution from photo to video on social media. I bet is going to be a fabulous rollercoaster journey in what the next 10 Years will be, but if I know something it’s for sure is that the future is definitely female. Now in 2022 women don’t settle for a man buying their favorite pair of designer shoes, women want to be in the game and lead it, professionally and personally, a modern woman is independent in every way and every independent woman embraces her own style. Honoring the generation of women that started their careers in strappy Manolo sandals, It Girl highlights the style evolution of Indré Rockefeller, a true Manhattan It Girl that stands out by achieving new goals and carrying her Big ambitions no matter where she is headed to. All of New York knows she is the professional ballerina that went from Swan Queen to Society Swan and just like Tory Burch did, she managed to shine in the spotlight at the same time she worked building a successful career on her own. With an early beginning in Princeton as first alma mater, first cause’ now Indré is studying a second career at Columbia Climate School, the perfect scenario to wear her classic totes from Paravel. The niche brand she co founded with Andy Krantz and yes… that’s just the top of the iceberg.

Former Modette, President of Delpozo in the six years of the Josep Font Era and even assistant to Anna Wintour, Indré Rockefeller has the experience and a curated eye a million girls would kill for. When she is not attending in person classes at Columbia she is doing a heroic entrance at all galas in Manhattan, specially those hosted for the American Ballet Theatre. Of course in her daily looks it’s when Indré gets the chance to show the newest designs from Paravel, somehow Indré remains of those iconic Ralph Lauren campaigns… you know the ones filled with navy blue and khaki and with Fall ahead, these New York looks stolen from her Instagram are definitely the top of mind mood board.

Just like Ralph Lauren, Paravel has not only become a must-have all over the USA but it stands as an almost unofficial members club’s request for the global elite interested in tomorrow’s world. Since the beginning, Paravel’s goal was to be the first 100% sustainable travel brand and with an amazing team the brand has achieved it, now Paravel wants to be the first regenerative travel brand. “Luckily” for Mother Nature, once the stylish start something everyone jumps at it and with Nicky Hilton, Amanda Hearst and Victoria Beckham staying loyal to sustainability, well you can count that there will be more trees planted by Paravel.

Swan Queen Snapshots. Told you, this Manhattan It Girl is an uptown chameleon. She can easily go from oxford shoes to gown ballerina in a sec. Precovid in Delpozo, postcovid wearing Herrera by Wes Gordon, Indré has the magic touch of a natural hairstyle that looks fabulous with diamond earrings, like a classic – a wake up like this-.

All around the world with Paravel. Just like in old glamorous movies, in which Sophia Loren entered the hotel with a full A-Game in luggage, Paravel happens to have the whole set. Indré herself as a globetrotter can tell you the truth about traveling in style nowadays: less is more. Be the one with a perfectly organized luggage, that will totally get you a free ride on a friend’s jet.

Pick two or three pieces from Paravel’s collection and have them exclusively made for you. I have to be very honest, of course I changed my Louis Vuitton Keepall in the same monogram as my Horizon suitcase by spotting Nicky Hilton on her way to The Hamptons carrying the chicest luggage bags with peacock NH blue initials. On an interview for It Girl, I asked her which night cream she was using at the moment and from where those bags were and in a second I found myself Googling Augustinus Bader followed by Paravel. You know what they say… personalized luggage means true luxury and with handwriting letters in one just click, Paravel totally knows the art of travel.

Actually personalized also means the art of gifting and Indré can totally confirm the story of two fabulous makeup cases in golden LSD and NH letters as the ultimate girls’ treat.

Some of you might wonder that the end of Summer means no more trips but it actually is the beginnings of long weekends, cozy getaways and family affairs. And if you have a pet as “first born”, prepare for Paravel’s upcoming surprise, you are going to love it XOXO💋

Text by Gabriel Villaseñor.
Pictures via Instagram, WWD and tourparavel.com