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Jennifer Creel – NYCity’s Tale

They say there are decades when nothing happens and days when everything happened. With the upcoming New York Fashion Week and celebrating 10 Years of online blogging, It Girl goes back to the Gilded Era of Socialites stealing the spotlight from even the biggest A-List celebrities. Jennifer Creel, Aerin Lauder and Zani Gugelmann were actually the first New York women to stand out like the days of the Vanderbilts and Astors. Yes, Truman Capote’s Swans were the stars of café society but he himself wrote a very shady article for Esquire uncovering all the feud between them. We’ll see everything Babe Paley trashed about her frenemies Gloria Guinness and CZ Guest in the upcoming Feud series by the one and only Ryan Murphy, but that is another theme to discuss later. Regardless of Tory Burch not acknowledging her leading days as Social Chair, all of New York knows “Socialites” were a group of beautiful and elegant women that invited you to be part of that glitter world of front rows at Bryant Park, charity galas and Hamptons’ weekends… having every single American wanting to belong to that fantasy. Before reality tv and mostly TikTok, Manhattan women automatically were gifted with style recognition, it was like if in all of those boarding schools “Beauty and Grace” was a subject as important as Math. Sure nowadays an Ohio girl can be a superstar by carrying a Prada bag and major dancing or comedian talent getting her a million followers that work better than a trust fund but for those like me still searching for the real women that inspired series like SATC and Gossip Girl, Jennifer Creel is a true NYC Fashion Tale. Classy like a Loro Piana campaign ad, stunning in a Brooke Shields way and a with a blue-blooded education that got her a Ralph Lauren’s job as a womenswear designer, all of it made her an original “effortless” style icon. She could be wearing equestrian look boots with jeans or the perfect white dress with the matching coat and looked as she was the ghost of JackieO, in that good way of course. With amazing eyebrows and a fabulous hair, Jennifer has been THE sophisticated brunette that with simple fashion choices makes elegance be or at least feel for everyone. Surely you have seen the epic quote: real queens fix each others crowns and that’s exactly how true Manhattan women act in present time. Now a jewelry designer, New York’s finest is wearing her uber elegant pieces, just to name Lauren Santo Domingo chose a baroque pearl choker for a Moda Operandi fashion event and Crown Princess of Greece Marie Chantal just appeared posing with a bespoke medallion by Jennifer Creel for her newest brand campaign.

Jennifer Creel attends NYFW in a classic look with pearls, white blouse and silk pants.

Having the most elite relationships trough a life time, Jennifer Creel has seen more in the last past decade in New York’s fashion scene than the Liberty Statue herself. Left: here she is with long friend It Girl Zani Gugelmann at an event in which Eugenia Silva, Spain’s most elegant woman was stunned with Jennifer’s style. That “you don’t know why” feeling that only a true It Girl can evoke has been with Jennifer Creel all her life, she is the definition of American natural beauty. Center: Jennifer joins Hal Rubenstein, former InStyle Magazine Fashion Director presenting his book “100 Unforgettable Dresses” with Carlos Souza, at that time Valentino’s PR Global Director and the most wanted man by every upcoming influencer. Last but not least, right: stealing the spotlight with It Girl Fabiola Beracasa at the J.Mendel Fashion Show hosted at The Plaza Hotel.

Honestly, I don’t what’s more influential than having the most elegant women of our times wearing your designs. Named “Mrs. Astor of Modern Age” by Town and Country Magazine and starring in the International Best Dressed List just like a vintage swan known as Babe Paley did, Lauren Santo Domingo is a global fashion icon and no one wears a pearl necklace or the designer of the moment Brandon Maxwell, like she does . I even posted last Spring that The Met should definitely made a LSD statue like the one Riri had done specifically ordered by Anna Wintour. Speaking of Babe Paley, there was this time when another vintage swan Gloria Guinness once invited her “friend” Babe to the ultimate and well orchestrated style “show”. Both went on a fabulous yacht vacay, both agreed it was going to be a low key/relaxed getaway. First night, Gloria appeared like an old Hollywood actress dripped in diamonds, Babe hadn’t brought not even a hat. Of course that sounds antifeminism these days, cause’ true Queens actually are proud to carry another Queen’s jewels just like Marie Chantal with Jennifer Creel’s zodiac pendant with every child birthdates marked by a diamond on the travel chain.

Coco Chanel truly believed success had a lot to do with talent but mostly luck, something she shares with It Girl’s favorite Manhattan jewelry designer. Just look at that pave diamond earrings, in words of Jennifer “they will immediately add sparkle to your day” … & might grant you one wish in the best city in the world.

Night Out With. If you are a true Gossip Girl fan, you know that line is iconic. Surely Jennifer Creel has all the potential to be on the cover of HELLO! Magazine right? There are thousands of snapshots from Jennifer’s old days around the city but this four looks are my favorites. The nude one just wow, that’s the definition of less is more. The jumper in a light purple that easily looks like blue it’s actually a piece by Elie Saab and that night according to People Magazine, Jennifer became Best Dressed Of The Week beating a young Dakota Fanning, also wearing Elie Saab. With a bun and waterfall earrings, Jennifer in that green emerald dress gives a total royal vibe, after all she is Upper East Side royalty. Last picture, if I’m correct that dress is Carolina Herrera and fits perfectly for someone so iconic to the city of New York.

Hal Rubenstein, Jennifer Creel and Carlos Souza in front of what it appears to be the legendary Valentino dress, Valentino Garavani designed for Jackie Kennedy and wore by style icon Marie Chantal in 2001 for The Met Gala presenting Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years at The Costume Institute.

Front Row Magnet. With those beautiful and powerful eyes, Jennifer was by far the most photographed socialite by the paparazzi.

A long time ago, I read that true stars can’t never disappear, they shine forever and Jennifer Creel will always be part of the history of New York, the story that only the born and raised in New York know. Like the kids say now… if you know you know XOXO💋

One for the ages: Valentino Garavani, Jennifer Creel and Giancarlo Giammetti in New York City.

In present time, Jennifer shares more of her personal life on social media with friends and family than her three events in one night past era, but it’s realistic enough to have a glimpse to her intimacy at home. People say it’s a TikTok world we are living in, I say there are women like Jennifer Creel whose lives have always been under the eyes of a million viewers. You know you love me XOXO💋

Texto por Gabriel Villaseñor.