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2 May

Zwans Spoiled

Manhattan! There’s a new guard hitting the scene. Talk about what should have been the proper cast for the Gossip Girl re-boot, they are stylish, they are young and they all want to climb to the top. The only ingredient missing in this glossy recipe is sadly, drama. Gen – Zwans seem to be the opposite from the frenemy clique lead by Babe Paley, they all support each other and they couldn’t care less of who becomes the next Mrs. Astor. Their goals happen to be successful careers with a cute outfit to match XOXO💋

The whole gang reunited earlier this month to celebrate Julian Polak’s jewelry launch at the glamorous Fabbri Mansion. The whole place transformed into a true New York party which would  have made the original owner very proud.

Does the name Cornelius Vanderbilt sound familiar? Truth is TikTokers might not know the long history of New York’s most remarkable blue-blood families but we all definitely keep up with besties Luca Mornet & Kate Bartlett and their own fabulous fashion fairy tale on social media.

Speaking of fantasies, Julian’s work of art under the name “Maison Spoiled” has certainly debuted as one haute player in the jewelry industry.

Rumour has it … several of these Spoiled babies will make a heroic entrance through the steps of the Met this very First Monday in May.

Maison Spoiled by Julian Polak.

man of the hour: Zwan Julian Polak.

did I mention that Luca & Julian happen to be the hottest couple in town? yes, those lovebirds really know what love is.

Luca Mornet, Julian Polak & bestie Kate Bartlett.

Spoiled friends: Ivy Getty, Jordan Barrett &
Peter Brant Jr. to say a few …

Justine Skye.

La Première Fête for Maison Spoiled.

Maison Spoiled by Julian Polak.

best dressed It Girls: Nicky Hilton, Kate Bartlett
& Ivy Getty.

words by Yours Truly.
imagery courtesy of Getty Image.