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27 Jul

Marie Chantal Children

So the other day I had “tea” with three mini Swans, still not on their teens, they were so beautiful, chic and so aware of today’s world of fabulous. Sipping frappé martinis, made of chai – not alcohol, their moms would have sent me to jail, I felt I had more in common with them than with my own friends, you know when you are young you truly feel you can conquer the world. Turns out, the more you grow you either can bring back your inner child or lost yourself as an adult and all the responsibilities that rain in our parade … I think we all have been there… right? Anyways, that moment happened when the Summer was starting and I had a lot of “free” time, luckily for me September is around the corner, and everything is falling into place. Around my agenda, the most exciting appointment is visiting Marie Chantal Children newest Pop Up in London. If you have been reading It Girl for the last 10 Years, you already know who Marie Chantal is. Thanks to Lauren Santo Domingo I finally met her at the end of the spring this year, she won’t let me lie… meeting Crown Princess of Greece was a total movie scene and like all great stories of course it had to happened in New York. Going back to my fab tea time with my young friends I discovered that new generations are still interested in the same bags, shoes and men, we the old guard have beloved for centuries. Adriana, one of the three swans of no more than 10 years old confessed me that her ultimate crush was a young Brad Pitt, I mean how on Earth did she know about Brad Pitt, I guess you are born an It Girl and this I certainly cherish with my dear friend Marie Chantal. After finding out the three swans dried their hair with the newest Dyson and love Dior makeup, ten years later it totally motivated to write about new generations of It Girls to come. To all former Single Gals in the City, now moms living around the world, there’s no better gift to you and to your little angel than to nourish their wings. My mom always encouraged to pursue my dreams, the only thing she missed was getting the ultimate baby gift: Wings by Marie Chantal Children, so sad they weren’t around in 1992 but now that all my friends are getting pregnant like if it was the trend of this decade, I know what I’m gifting to all of them. If you are too a forever auntie like me, Marie Chantal Children will be the new Jacadi for you, thank God for international shipping. Trust me, made in London and designed by a true Princess… is indeed the chicest childrenswear of all XOXO💋

Pictures courtesy of Marie Chantal Children, can’t wait to be in London.

Text by Gabriel Villaseñor.