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5 Jun

‘til next season XOXO💋

every good bye is certainly more difficult than the previous one, with every au revoir we deeply overthink when will it be the next time, well as we say farewell to Spring, there’s only one more award left… and that is best dressed of the season. with one vintage Yves Saint Laurent for ABT at Cipriani’s, Lauren Levison unquestionably wins all galas this first half of the year XOXO💋

sometimes it’s just shrimp with her but most of the time, it’s champagne avec fries & caviar, those who are lucky to call her friend we know this is the Lauren Special for lunch.

It Girl gets one last final look at that already Yves Saint Laurent dress with Lauren strutting around from her elevator to the streets of New York.

New York Icon Lauren Levison on top of Manhattan.

Dress Vintage YSL curated by Christy Rilling.
Jewelry by Kristen Farrell.
Makeup by Min Min Ma.
Hair by Michi Kobourberg.
Photography created by @TheCuriousEye on Instagram.